How to survive from bullying !

 If we can't make awareness the authors of bullying at school, let's try to give some power to the victims by teaching them how to defend themselves!

 Are you bullied at school? You don't know how to defend yourself, orally or physically? You don't understand where the wickedness of other kids comes from? Are you harassed on Facebook or other social networks, even when you are at home? Sometimes you're going to hide in the bathroom to cry? You have suicidal thoughts? You don't dare to talk to anyone or denounce your aggressors? You don't know what to do anymore with this situation? This guide is made for you.

I also experienced the intimidation myself when I was younger and I successed in my life despite everything. So now, I'd like to share with you my advices and my experience.

Chapters features :

- Advices on how to react in 5 steps.
- A guide to explain how to block someone on the internet to stop the cyber-bullying at home.
- Psychological explanations to understand where the wickedness of others comes from.
- Advices on your particular profile.
- Links to self-defense courses through pressure points (accessible to anyone)
- Suggestions to help you talk to someone and convince you to not commit a suicide.
- Links to websites supporting victims of bullying.
- My story and my experience.

I hope this guide will help you get out of it. Good luck!

About the author

Myself I have experienced bullying when I was at school and I lacked confidence in myself. (See Chapter "my story").

But today, I feel very good about myself and I want to share all the knowledge and advices that professionals have taught me or from books that I read, to help you to survive to the nightmare you live every day !

Today I'm 38 years old and have a perfect life, meanwhile my bullies probably are still struggling in their own life (that is often the case for these people, I'll explain why in the following sections).

I managed to get out of this, now it's your turn to be able to have a good life later!